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Any Bank possessing a state license, must be a member of the fed. In addition, any Bank with a license for transactions within the state may become a member of the fed. All banks-members are required to keep their reserves in their regional reserve Bank. These reserves are not accrued Bank interest.
During the 1970s, the number of member banks declined. By the end of the decade the trend has reached alarming dimensions. Banks exited from membership in the fed, as it meant the diversion of funds in the form of reserves from circulation, whereas reserve requirements for banks operating within the state, were lower, and these funds were profitable. With rising interest rates, loss of benefit of use of reserves become too large for a growing number of banks...
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Over the years the fed was formed several Advisory boards to assist the Board of governors. Although these tips do not have the authority for decision-making, they can affect the exercise by the Board of governors of monetary policy. The main tips are the Federal Advisory Council Consumer Advisory Council and the Advisory Council of savings institutions.
Federal Advisory Council. Created from the outset, the Act on the Federal reserve (Federal Reserve Act), this Board includes 12 members, usually influential bankers, from every region of the fed. Each of the 12 regional reserve banks chooses one member of the Federal Advisory Council.As the members of the Council are usually the chairmen of the largest banks in the U.S...
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The Federal reserve system includes 12 counties. Each district operates its reserve Bank, overseeing the activities of banks – members FRS, sets the discount rate for the district (although the governing Council actually controls this rate through the veto), and performs other banking operations. Each reserve Bank may have branches in the major economic centres of the district. In addition, it may open offices in other cities.
Each Bank possessing a state license, must be a member of the fed. One of the conditions of membership is the purchase of securities of regional reserve Bank. Purchase amount should be 6% of the Bank’s capital. However, only half of this amount must be paid, while the other half is payable only upon the request of the Board...
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The main method of regulating the Federal reserve system the money supply is implemented through actions of the Federal Committee on open market (message negatively affected). Message negatively affected the law directs to meet at least every four years. In practice, the members of the Committee meet about eight times a year.
Filling the Tax Form
All seven members of the Board of governors are members of the Committee. In addition 5 of the 12 presidents of regional reserve banks are also members of the message negatively affected. Of these five permanent member is the President of the Federal reserve Bank of new York.The other four positions are distributed each year among the presidents of the other 11 reserve banks...
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The history of the Federal reserve system of the USA

The Federal reserve system, or fed, performs the functions of the Central Bank of the United States. In this regard, it is responsible for the development and implementation of monetary policy, banking supervision, and the provision of financial services to Depository institutions and the Federal government. Being an independent Institute, it depends neither from Congress nor from the government.
The fed’s structure differs from the structure of most Central banks in the world. Thus, the function of decision making is distributed among twelve regional member banks. The fed can control the money supply, which influences interest rates. Since the interest rate is the key variable that determines the growth or decline of the economy, the fed actually affects the future state of the economy.
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Bonuses from banks subject to personal income tax

Currently in order to stimulate individuals – cardholders to actively use these cards for payment of goods (works, services), banks increasingly offer their customers to
participate in loyalty programs. Usually in the framework of the loyalty program, individuals who join the program receive encouragement from the Bank in the form of a refund to the credit card part of the funds spent by them for payment of goods or services in trade and service organizations, including via the Internet. Credited to the account of the individual funds under the terms of the loyalty program can use them at its discretion, including can be obtained from a Bank card cash...
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