The Real Gauge of What Mattress is Right

While many mattress manufacturers may advertise differently, there is no such thing as the perfect mattress. However, there are people sleeping on a mattress that isn’t working for them and, in most cases, these people can do better by choosing a different mattress. It’s importnat to determine which mattress will be right for an individual based on many factors, including whether they suffer from back pain.

Sleeping Positions

The first thing to consider is the position a person sleeps in. Back sleepers, stomach sleepers and side sleepers will all require different levels of firmness. For example, most people are side sleepers and in these situations, they will need mattresses that are firm enough to offer proper support and help improve posture. However, side sleepers will need a bit of softness to contour to their body and help sooth aches and pains. Getting a mattress that is too firm can actually push on the spine can cause pain for people who don’t suffer from back pain. For people that do suffer from chronic pain, a mattress that is too firm can cause even more issues.

Mattress Firmness

Back sleepers will need proper support. Mattress softness is often not a great consideration in these cases, however, for back sleepers, a medium firm mattress will grant plenty of support and softness to help a person have the best chances at a great night of sleep. This is also the case for people that sleep on their stomach.

Unidentified Sleepers

There are many people that find themselves sleeping in a wide variety of different positions, and this can make choosing a mattress a bit challenging. For this reason, these types of unidentified sleepers may want to consider a memory foam mattress. With the combination of firm support, motion isolation as well as a bit of softness, this could be the right mattress, especially for people with lower back issues.

Most experts, rather than simply recommending one type of mattress over another will typical recommend a buyer try a few different mattresses. Sometimes, even though a firm mattress is recommended, a plush mattress may offer more comfort. Sometimes, the inverse is true. The best gauge as to a mattresses comfort is not the experts, but the comfort a person has when sleeping on a particular mattress. To learn more about these and other mattress related issues, you may want to do some research before buying.